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AAP Tree Felling

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Fully insured tree surgeons operating in and around Randburg, Sandton and Bryanston.

How it Works

1. Tree Pruning

The most common tree maintenance procedure, tree pruning is the removal of branches or parts of the tree which eliminates hazards, improves the shape or growth of the tree or increases light to an exposed area. Tree pruning should be left to professionals as each cut to a tree can change its growth. Enquire here, with the professionals today.

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2. Tree Felling

The process of cutting down a tree requires time and a strategic plan conducted by a professional as to make sure nobody comes to any harm or the tree does not come into contact with anything else as it falls. The correct equipment and safety precautions must be undergone. Enquire today to learn more and let fully qualified and experienced staff carry out your tree felling.

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3. Stump Grinding

In order to remove stumps from trees that have been cut down, you have to have the correct equipment. Stumps are removed with a stump grinder which chips away at the wood effectively grinding it all the way down. If you have annoying stumps but not the correct equipment to do anything about it, enquire with us, we have the capacity to carry out such tasks.

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4. Crown Lifting

Crown lifting refers to increasing the space between the ground and the canopy of the tree. This is done to increase light and head height when walking underneath the tree. It should be carried out before the trees maturity to avoid permanent wounds to the tree. Enquire today if you need more head height whilst walking under your trees.

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5. Crown Thinning

Selecting and removing some of the branches in a trees canopy can increase light flow through and around a tree but also reduce damage to the tree. A thick crown on a tree can build up resistance to the wind and alter the shape to a tree with an unattractive outcome. Thinning the canopy of the tree does not alter the shape of size of the tree but helps protect the tree. Enquire today to protect your canopy’s from the wrath of the wind.

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6. Dead Wooding

Removing the dead materials in a tree can appear to the easiest form of DIY tree surgery but can be dangerous and lead to serious injury through falls and being ill prepared. Enquire today for fully prepared professionals with vast and varying experience to remove the dead materials from a tree.

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Why Choose AAP Tree Felling?

Here you have some reasons and some features
  • An ethical and environmentally friendly service
  • Tree wastage is recycled where possible
  • Fully insured, free quotation, fully supervised
  • Covering all aspects of tree surgery we can tailor it to your needs

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